Why Goose?

As my grandmother used to say “we spend a third of our life in bed so why not sleep under the best duvet possible?” and, well, we can’t repeat the rest… she was quite outspoken..

It’s pretty simple, we want you to get more sleep and better sleep… what could be more important.

Our down duvets are made from the finest, natural, pure materials. Down comes from the undercoat of waterfowl, between the feathers and skin. The advantages over manmade fibres are numerous:

Soft, new goose down.

Cooler in warmer months – We use the finest and lightest cotton casing for our spring/summer ranges. The combination of the softest cotton and the down allows your body and skin to breathe at night. You effectively warm the duvet so in warmer weather your duvet will respond by keeping you at the right temperature. Synthetics will not let your body regulate temperature this effectively and will not take moisture away from the body.

More Comfortable, More sleep and better sleep – The finest duck or goose down and the Spring weight casing means you will feel like you are covered in the lightest duvet possible. The combination of natural fibres, lighter casing and filling will mean you also stay at the right temperature throughout the night. Our duvets hug the body like a new puppy..

Controls temperature and wicks moisture – Down offers three or four times more air circulation than synthetics, so it’s lightweight, breathable and moisture can escape more easily. Manmade bedding can become damp and stays damp. Natural luxury bedding will dry during the day and stay in premium condition.

Renewable long life product – Your down duvet should last for at least 20 years, they are crafted to last and can also be cleaned intermittently at 40 degrees. It must be fully dried in a machine large enough. Return plumpness to it by shaking it out and air it by pulling it back during the day. You could also bury our duvets in the garden when you are finished with them, they contain only cotton and down.. We aren’t suggesting you all do this.. Synthetics are non-renewable petrochemicals and will not degrade unfortunately. All our down is ethically sourced from Europe as a by product of the food industry.

Saves Energy – We believe that if you have the right duvet you shouldn’t have to heat your bedroom. Great news for your health and your pocket.

Anti-allergy – Our down is pure, dust free, washed, sterilised and, above all, new when we make your duvet. Recent studies have shown that synthetics are more likely to exacerbate allergies as they stay damp through lack of airflow. Our cotton casing adheres to German nomite standards and is down proof, therefore no leakage.

Lump-free filling – Our 100% cotton down proof duvet cases are designed to keep the filling evenly spread for maximum warmth and comfort and fewer cold spots. Down has been used for centuries and there is a reason why it has been, it doesn’t clump or lump up like some other fabrics.

Warm in colder climate – The three dimensional structure creates air pockets that insulate against cold. One kilogram of down can contain up to two million filaments that intertwine and overlap, retaining the heat released by the body and pushing cold air away. It is the lightest filling with optimum ability for retention of warmth.

If you have any questions about our, or your bedding, please feel free to contact us.